The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

  • Buy Treated Pine Decking For Quicker And Highly Durable Installations

    Decks are a great addition for any home. They can greatly increase a home's value and give you a kind return upon re-sale. That aside, a deck will increase your livable space at home by opening up the outdoors. If you are thinking of installing a deck in your home, treated pine is a good option for the job. Most suppliers today offer buyers the opportunity to buy pine decking in treated form.

  • DIY Tree Stump Removal Techniques

    Although tree removal may seem like a tough project, stump removal is even more involving. Once a tree has been cut, it is obvious that the stump should also be removed. After tree removal, the remainder of the tree and its roots die and begin to decay. However, this takes a long time that you might not have, necessitating immediate removal of the tree stump. Tree stump removal is an easy DIY project that you can carry out without having to hire an arborist for the job.

  • 3 Types of Trees that Are Ideal for Climbing

    If you are looking to plant some trees in your yard for climbing, it's worth doing your research. A good climbing tree has strong and widespread limbs, with some nice low branches to gain a foothold. Here are some types of trees you can consider for prime tree climbing. Mulberry Mulberries are a traditional favourite in Australia backyards for good reason. They are easy to grow in the Australian climate and the low hanging and sturdy branches are both beautifully shady and fantastic for climbing.

  • When to Have a Tree Removed Versus Simply Trimmed

    Having a tree removed from your property may not be an easy decision, as trees provide shade and may make your property seem more homey and inviting. However, trees can also cause damage when they're diseased or dead and branches start to fall off, or when roots may pose a risk to your property as well. Note a few considerations for when you may want to have a tree removed from your property versus trimmed.

  • Removal and Treatment Options for Tree Stumps

    Tree stumps are an eyesore in residential property, and they interfere with the aesthetics of the landscape. Moreover, they are tripping hazards and can cause injury to people who are not aware of their existence. If you have a tree stump in your compound, it is advisable to consult a removal specialist for an assessment and professional removal. This ensures that the work is done efficiently and safely. However, you can remove the stump without assistance to save money.

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The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

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