The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

3 Types of Trees that Are Ideal for Climbing

Roberto Palmer

If you are looking to plant some trees in your yard for climbing, it's worth doing your research. A good climbing tree has strong and widespread limbs, with some nice low branches to gain a foothold. Here are some types of trees you can consider for prime tree climbing.


Mulberries are a traditional favourite in Australia backyards for good reason. They are easy to grow in the Australian climate and the low hanging and sturdy branches are both beautifully shady and fantastic for climbing. The fruit is also delicious, but has a tendency to stain clothing (and skin, temporarily). If this is a concern for you there is now a large selection of non fruiting varieties at most nurseries. You can expect to spend quite a few years waiting for the tree to reach perfect climbing conditions, so plan ahead for a tree that will be useful for kids for grandchildren.


Old willows are also great climbing trees, with strong and sturdy low branches. Unfortunately, younger willows can look suitable, but the low hanging branches can be a little brittle and can send children downwards in a hurry. This is a good tree to look for in a house that you are planning to purchase. If you are feeling uncertain about the load bearing capacity of a willow in your backyard, get a local arborist to come around and give you an assessment and remove any damaged branches so you can climb with a worry.


Jacarandas are a beautiful flowering tree with a strong set of branches which enjoy sandy soils making them a popular choice in coastal areas. The flowers give a light scent with a purple flower. They tend to branch out a slightly higher height than the other options mentioned above, which means they are a better suited to a slightly older climber who can make it up the first branch. The tree grows at about 60cm a year, slowing as the tree approaches a full height of 10-15m.

No matter what tree you plant for your kids to climbs, the best way to ensure your tree limbs remain healthy and sturdy for climbing is to get the tree serviced annual by an arborist. An annual tree service by an arborist can optimise the size and spread of the limbs to otherwise give you a second opinion on which tree you should plant in your garden.


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The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

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