The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

  • What to look for in a tree removal company

    Tree removal only happens when the health of a tree deteriorates and it becomes a safety hazard. It is crucial to hire a professional arborist equipped to remove a tree. Before hiring an arborist, check for the following: Licensing and insurance Australia requires all tree removalists to be licensed and insured. You should ask for proof of insurance and licensing. Avoid hiring companies who are reluctant to provide these documents. Insurance protects your property from potential damage during the removal process.

  • 3 Trees That Are Ideal for Your Winter Landscaping

    If you are planning your winter landscape, you may be visiting your landscape plant suppliers for ideas. In addition to the plants that are available to you, there are also trees that would offer beneficial curb appeal to your winter landscape. If you are considering going through wholesale suppliers for landscape tree supplies, here are three trees that you may find ideal. Evergreen Evergreen is one of the most common trees to plan for winter landscapes.

  • 4 Risks You Should Assess Before Undertaking Tree Lopping

    Some homeowners may wish to save some money by lopping their trees on their own without involving a professional. This article discusses some of the potential risks that such homeowners should assess before they embark on that tree lopping exercise. Improper Equipment Ask yourself whether you have the right equipment for the task. Tree lopping often requires the use of several tools, such as ropes, chainsaws and wood chippers. Trying to rely on improvised tools alone can expose you and others to safety hazards.

  • 3 Mistakes You May Be Making When Mulching Your Trees

    Mulching can be very helpful for your trees, and it isn't hard to do at all. Mulching not only protects and improves your trees' health, but it can also improve the appearance of your landscape. In the forest, trees sink into soil that is full of organic nutrients, especially because of the leaves that continuously die and decompose to replenish nutrients in the soil. In an urban yard, however, the soil is often hard and depleted of nutrients, which means trees aren't as healthy.

  • Important tree care tips for fruiting trees in clay soils

    If you live near a river or in an area with heavily clay based soils you can face extra challenges when trying to get your tree to produce maximum fruit. However, with the right tree maintenance, you can still get great results. Here are some tips to maximise fruiting on trees in clay soils.  Aerate and drain Clay soils easily retain water, which can be handy in a dry climate. However, this can also lead to problems with the root system retaining too much water in very wet times and compacting hard to form baked surfaces in drier times.

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The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

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