The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

Avoid Tree Death with these DIY Tree Pruning Tips

Roberto Palmer

Ever imagined a home without a single tree? It would probably not be as attractive as it should!! Trees create a natural and unique shade and add beauty to the entire space of your home. In addition, outdoor shades are comfortable on a hot sunny day. When working from home, you can easily connect your laptop to the outdoor socket and do as much work as you want.

Trees offer this comfort only when they are cared for. Hence, pruning is a necessity to maintain healthy and good-looking trees in your home. If you plan to do it, below are some tips to help you complete the process well.

Why is Pruning Needed?

Just like any other plant, a tree makes use of its leaves to produce food. Hence, your pruning process should not only focus on maintaining a neat and beautiful home by doing away with the bush. On the contrary, a good pruning process should promote the health of your trees and ensure they nourish regardless of the weather conditions.

When pruning, you may first cut diseased, broken, or dead branches. Logically, doing away with such parts protect your trees from infectious insects that cause diseases. When done, look at the tree and determine whether it is necessary to trim other healthy parts to keep it in shape.

Do You Have the Right Tools?

Your pruning process should be calculated in a way that allows the right tools to be used at the right place. Do not make the mistake of shoving branches with a blunt object in the name of pruning. Some common tools you may need for the process include:

Ladder: A ladder allows you to access branches that interfere with areas such as roofs, overhand homes, power lines, street lights, play areas, footpaths and so on.

Pruner: With a two-handed pruner, you can achieve a lot without getting tired. In addition, it has been properly designed to ensure that the cut area is not damaged to attract infections to the tree.

Rope: Safety is important if you are not good with heights. Therefore, have a good rope to tie the tip of the ladder on the tree to avoid any accidents.

When do You Need to Prune?

Pruning can be done at any time of the year. However, professionals advise that it is not good to prune your trees during the fall seasons. In essence, the trees take time to heal, and heavy decaying fungi can easily spread spores and give way to infections.

For more information on tree services, contact a professional near you.


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The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

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