The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

Tree Care Tips: 3 Rare Signs That It Is Time to Remove a Tree

Roberto Palmer

Trees are fundamental to your overall landscape design. When you have a healthy tree cover on your property, you also gain other benefits like better air circulation, better indoor temperatures and scenic beauty. However, trees will age at some point and start exhibiting signs of damage. When they do, you have to bring a tree care expert to assess them and decide whether you can salvage them or not. Here are three indicators that it is time to remove a tree. 

Bad Tree Crotch

Issues like rotting and other damages start as insignificant issues and get bigger with time. For example, your tree might get a bad crotch before the branches start drying up. A rotten crotch is where the space between the branches decays and loses its ability to support the limbs. A tree with a bad crotch is dangerous because the limbs can break at any point and cause massive damage to your home. Also, decay in the trunk indicates that the tree is slowly dying. The best way to handle this type of tree is by simply removing it.

Lightning Risk

Another way to tell that you need to remove trees is when you live in lightning-prone areas. Of course, you cannot remove all trees because you fear that they will crack and get damages when faced with lighting. However, there is wisdom in considering removal if you have a huge and weak tree close to your house, the fence and the neighbouring property. By removing the weak tree, you will have protected your property as well as the neighbouring ones from any damages that would result when lightning striking a tree. You should also check for signs of weaknesses like cracks in the trunk. These indicate that the tree will fall apart once the lightning strikes. 

Trees are Quite Crowded

Crowding is another indicator that you need to remove some of your trees. You might have found the yard with the current number of trees, but when they start crowding, they compete for nutrients and some wither. The air circulation might also become poorer when you have too many trees in the same place. It is best to remove some and let the others thrive.

These are rare but valid reasons to consider tree removal. Always hire a professional to handle tree removal for great results. With their help, you improve safety in your yard and increase the overall curb appeal of your property.  


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The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

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