The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

What to look for in a tree removal company

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Tree removal only happens when the health of a tree deteriorates and it becomes a safety hazard. It is crucial to hire a professional arborist equipped to remove a tree. Before hiring an arborist, check for the following:

Licensing and insurance

Australia requires all tree removalists to be licensed and insured. You should ask for proof of insurance and licensing. Avoid hiring companies who are reluctant to provide these documents. Insurance protects your property from potential damage during the removal process. A tree removal company should also have worker's insurance that protects you from liability if any of their workers suffer injuries on your property.

Price estimate

If a professional decides that tree removal is necessary, ensure you get a price estimate. Reliable tree removal companies provide cost estimates before you sign the contract. However, some companies may charge you for the estimate. The price estimate may also include the cost of stump removal and the cost of disposal. Before choosing a removal service, get at least three estimates and pick the best one. By getting a few estimates, you will determine the average cost of tree removal. Avoid low prices, as they may be an indication of poor service. You will find that unlicensed and uninsured companies charge low rates and swindlers charge high prices. Choose quality over price. Note that many tree removal companies do not ask for payment up front since there are no materials to buy.


Do not hire a company that does not provide any references. A reliable tree removal company will offer at least three previous clients you can contact for a testimonial. You can also obtain referrals from your family and neighbours who have had tree removals in the past. It is your right to know what to expect to ensure you do not waste your money. The company will also be in charge of a dangerous task that could damage your property and harm your family.

Training and equipment

You should also inquire about the employees' training and experience. Hire a company that has been in operation for years and whose employees have years of experience. Also, you should enquire about the equipment the company will use. A reliable company should have protective gear and specialised tools for all removals. DIY removal is not advisable as you do not have the right tools. You also do not know how to use these tools, and you may injure yourself.


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The ABC's of Tree Service: Tips for Everyone

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